Video: Julia Holter - "In The Same Room" and "Marienbad" - She plays LPR tonight, Other Music Wednesday

Julia Holter - photo by Rick Bahto

Below you can watch the videos for Julia Holter's "In The Same Room" and "Marienbad," both tracks from her new album Ekstasis, which is out this week on RVNG INTL. You can stream the entire album over at NPR.

Holter plays a Wordless Music show tonight at Le Poisson Rouge with Sarah Cahill, and Wednesday she plays a free in-store at Other Music.

Here's an excerpt from Mark Richardson's Best New Music review of Ekstasis for Pitchfork:

Holter's work exists at the intersection between pop and "serious" music. The mayor of that particular corner is Laurie Anderson, and there are obvious parallels between the two. You can hear Anderson in Holter's flat, chant-like inflection, which allows her music and lyrics to do the emotional work. You can also hear it in her love of simplicity and approach to mixing traditional instrumentation and electronics. Another touchstone is the dark magic of Klaus Nomi. It's not just that the tracks like "Fur Felix" bear a similarity to Nomi tracks like "Keys of Life", there's also an undercurrent of ritualism and theatricality in Holter's music. Ekstasis is certainly mysterious, but not because meaning is hard to pin down; it's more that there are so many possible meanings, so many places to focus your attention.

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